Decorating the House - John Singer Sargent's "Fume de Ambre Gris"

One of our recent guests pointed out that we have *a lot* of empty wallspace. I guess we've been enjoying the minimalist lifestyle so much that I stopped noticing how empty our "just moved in" look might feel for our guests.

So, that kind of inspired me to start working on something for the parlor which is totally empty now that my studio has been moved to the basement. For months, I had been hoping to take a little time to learn by copying the work of prior artists ... enter John singer Sargent's "Fume de Ambre Gris". Here's the reference photo I'm using. I hope to follow with photos of my copy ... which I'm pretty confident won't hold a candle to his work ... but hey, this project more about learning than having fun ... if I get a painting that has any redeeming qualities for the parlor, I'll be happy.