David A. Leffel Video(s)

Some friends have taken David Leffel's workshop in 2008 (two of them took it at Andreeva Academy in Santa Fe New Mexico if you're wondering where to take it) and were very pleased because he spends a lot of time teaching even advanced students "To Paint". So, I borrowed these videos to find out exactly what my friends meant by that.


I really enjoyed the video demos and learned from them. The videos also gave me a lot of confidence to recapture some of the paint handling I've been avoiding in classes. You might want to take my recommendation with a grain of salt because I haven't watched a lot of painting demo videos but tend to learn in person. For what it's worth - I enjoyed the video even though the video quality and sound were not great. But frankly - even in person it can be hard to hear and see a live demo. This way you can rewind and take notes at your own pace.

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