Morgan Samuel Price: Quick Sketch Grand Prize Winner

Morgan Samuel Price is a picture of grace and professionalism. She seemed to be traveling to other events from the day her manager applied for this competition until the day she arrived in Herndon. She never even had an opportunity to print the Artist's Notes or the events schedule. Yet she kept her cool and rolled with the activities like the pro she is. Every time I saw her, she was relaxed, supportive of the other artists, productive and seemed sincerely joyful. Clearly, with so many important things on her schedule, she could have declined to come to our first annual show. But, I think it demonstrates a lot of class that she decided to a risk on us and be part of the first group to exhibit at ArtSpace Herndon.

But, before I focus too much on who she is ... I'd love to tell you what she does!

Morgan's work reflects her personality: Subtle, strong, graceful and you know upon studying it that you'll enjoy it for a long time. She has a very sophisticated palette which many of us (artists) might find difficult to handle. Her cool greys, blues and soft greens are always clean and balanced with an amazing use of strong outdoor values/contrast. Her brushstrokes are confident ... even precise ... but fluid. Her whites are so pure that I had a dream one night that Ned Mueller told me "Morgan puts coconut powder in her white paint". Of course - that's ridiculous but those of you who love the pure white of coconut might understand why I would have such a dream.

The effect is that she creates work which is distinctly hers, exciting to study but easy on the eye. We put one of Morgan's waterfall paintings at the entrance of the show because rather than jumping off the wall, it draws you in and engages you in conversation. Looking at Morgans work gave me the most wonderful feeling of assurance that beautiful, enduring things exist in our transient world. (photo by Charles Neenan)

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