L. Diane Johnson - QuickSketch Place Winner

Artist L. Diane Johnson one of the Quick Sketch winners created one of my favorite rain paintings at the show. Her old wood sailboat in a neighbor's yard with striking raindrops across it captured that day perfectly along with the sense of this old boat which is constantly being renovated against the efforts of the elements.

You'll have to click on the photo above by Charles Neenan to see the bottom painting more clearly.

L. Diane Johnson knows that I have a lot to thank her for. When we were first organizing this show, we started by making a lot of big mistakes ... easily about 20 by my count. Diane humored me and kindly accepted my phonecalls seeking advice - she (along with a few other advising artists who didn't participate) helped us avoid serious pitfalls.

I was so pleased to see that the Jury accepted Diane into the show because I knew I'd have a chance to meet this amazingly generous artist in person. Thank you Diane - And congratulations on your Quick Sketch prize!

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