Collectors - Thank You.

I'm having a great week as an artist. Having returned from our latest New Mexico trip inspired, I've been painting and enjoying artistic activities. Last week, a collector called and decided to purchase five paintings. I was so pleased that he called directly because I'm not yet represented by a gallery and this is a unique period of my artistic career when I can build long term relationships with collectors who enjoy investing in the work of emerging artists.

As I considered how important YOU - my early collectors are, I realized that I should say thank you to you more often. Thank you for believing in me and the other artists you are following. It's immediately encouraging and inspiring every time you decide to take home a painting. It gives me a rush of artistic energy and motivation to create more work. So, if you've been purchasing my artwork, whether it's a miniature painting, a commission or a huge painting from a juried show - you can consider yourself an essential part of the artistic process.


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