Accepted - Denied - Lemons - Lemonade.

An artist friend got a kick out something that happened with a recent painting so I'll share the news here.

I've started entering one competitive or Juried show each month because they are a nice way to get feedback.

This month, the only show available was a landscape exhibit. So, although I'm focusing on still life right now, I started painting a scene from Acama Sky City in New Mexico. First, I painted two small studies before starting the larger version - but the large painting wasn't dry in time for the show. So, I entered the two tiny studies. As I dropped them off, there was a wide range of work being submitted by hundreds of other artists. (694 other artists to be exact) I had realistic expectations that my early attempts at landscape would probably be denied but took a photo just in case.

Ultimately, both paintings didn't get accepted.

It turns out they weren't reviewed by the Juror because I had failed to frame them with required backing which was clearly outlined in the rules. C'est La Vie.

On the way back to my car, I ran an errand and placed the paintings down on a counter to go through my things. A very nice woman saw the paintings and asked if they were for sale - well, what do you know - they still had the entry tags with prices on the back - so, "Yes, they would you like to buy them?"

She bought one of them right there!

What a wonderful turn of events: The painting was sold without commission to a lovely woman who enjoyed it and we were able to meet each other in person. Perfect!

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