Something for your bucket list

A useful article if you're in the process of making your bucket list and are also planning to travel soon:

The World's 50 Best Works of Art (and how to see them)

It may sound creepy but I've had a kind of bucket list since I was 12. My whole life is like a running bucket list. It has given me endless goals and things to look forward to: "Walk to Sleepy Hollow", "Bike Across America", "Buy the biggest Victorian on the block so I can invite all of my friends over for parties" (remember, I was 12 when I wrote this one) - eventually the list evolved "Help clean up an oil spill", "start my own business", "Conquer public speaking", "Plant a garden", "Grow Bonsai Trees" - Later a mentor told me to write my epitaph I realized that sometime before I die, I wanted to find a way to leave a legacy (still figuring that out). Then - fall in love and have the experience of raising a child (That's in process). Now I'm working on "Become a great artist", "Travel the world" and "Inspire Others". Let's face it, in 100 years, I couldn't possibly experience every culture in the whole world. So, instead, we make short lists like "Visit Italy", "create a painting that will inspire someone" and "See the Parthenon".

What's on your bucket list?

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