The Art of Vicki Blum

A couple of months ago, we purchased a Vicki Blum painting called "Rendezvous" and thought you might enjoy seeing the artist's website below. Ms. Blum is a classical realist. Initially, I discovered Blum's portrait work and was later thrilled to see the quality of her still life paintings. They are even more brilliant in life than they appear on the website.

A story that makes us proud:
Recently a guest in our home mentioned that her favorite Blum painting was the one of the Red and Green cabbages. With pride, I replied; "Why don't you come into my dining room" and we had a memorable conversation about it. It felt good to hear that someone else was drawn to the same painting. Later, I learned that working on that painting inspired Vicki Blum to start actively creating Still Lifes.

If any of you can convince her to part with her "Purple Onions" pictured above, let me know. I would love to know the person who gets that one. If you enjoy collecting as an investor, contact her about her tapestry paintings which are not currently on the website - they are also outstanding and show some of the best attributes of her current work.

I hope you enjoy viewing her work and welcome comments.

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