Rick Weaver - Portrait Painting Intensive (photos)

I finally figured out that the best way to illustrate what we did this week in Rick's portrait intensive was to take photos. Here, you can see the grey layer. The approach here was to take three (or two) grays that match the darkest mid-tones and lay down a layer which will act like a sculpture. Basically, we used the gray values to define the form as strongly as possible. We were instructed to leave the heavy burnt umber in dark areas.

Adding transitions (the change from one angle to another) was fine but Rick explained that you should only do it as an exercise because it would all be lost in the next step. I practiced some transitions in this stage for two reasons. 1st: There is always extra time in a group workshop so I had time to mess around anyway. 2nd: I think I needed some practice developing my transitions and this was a great way to see if they made sense before getting into color.

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