Rick Weaver - Portrait Intensive.

What a great week! I've been in Rick Weaver's portrait painting intensive and am seeing the approach of the old masters in a new way. (No photo here because Rick's work is copyrighted on the website) Rick explained that he teaches this intensive workshop because he has spent years studying and researching what he believes to be the closest approach to the old master style and wants to share what he's learned.

Rick also teaches at the well known Andreeva Portrait Academy in Santa Fe. One of his portraits was exhibited in the Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition 2006 Exhibition at the national portrait gallery in DC.

You can see Rick's finished work on his website.

I can't accurately describe the approach Rick uses on a short blog ... it really needs to be experienced ... but can tell you that it requires some discipline. On Monday, we worked through a flattened underdrawing in raw umber on toned canvas. Using fast drying alkyds the next day, we learned to how to build a grey layer with white, ivory black and burnt umber that is best described as "sculptural". I can definitely see Rick's sculpture experience in his demos. Today and Thursday we are going through a series of organized color steps to build volume and eventually light into the portrait. During every step, we keep small parts of the previous layer exposed.

My simple description can't come close to telling you how to paint like Rick Weaver but I can say that if you are incredibly patient and open to learning it - his intensive workshops are a nice opportunity to get a glimpse of what Rembrandt, Titian and Caravaggio might have seen.

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