Pierre Subleyres art Studio

There is an increadible amount of information about different art studios (they are as varied and unique as the artists) so I've narrowed it down to a few of my favorites.

To kick things off, here's the famous painting of Pierre Subleyras' studio.

I love this painting because it is both a "daily life" painting, a posed composition that must have taken months to render and an informational piece as well. As artists are working, we need a lot of wall space (or hanging space) to protect works during varying degrees of completion or drying. Then, of course, we also need space for art that inspire us as well as our own works of art that haven't been sold or shown yet. I think I'm like many artists who flinch at the idea that someone might come into the studio and see our half finished or failed early attempts at something and at that moment write us off as incompetant. (laughter) I imagine that's why the paintings in this studio (above) all appear to be outstanding, finished works of art.

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