One of my favorite holiday activities is walking through art districts and visiting a series of Galleries in search of great art. My husband and I pontificate about the paintings and installations as we view them and then over dinner, discuss which one stood out as our favorite. We're always energized when we discover a "favorite" new gallery that carries art matching our collecting interests. Previously, I was buying small landscapes and an occasional photo. Right now, I'm into contemporary realism and 18th century art. My husband, having grown up out west, appreciates oil paintings of wild horses like John Leone's art. We also like installation art ... if it's practical.

But ... I digress ...

Whenever we are preparing to travel, I spend hours just looking through Art Gallery websites and researching artists. I study countless galleries every year and return frequently if they represent an artist we follow. After taking Rick Weaver's workshop, I found myself pondering the difference in technique between his figures in the dark and Steve Huston's paintings of men at work. If you enjoy this type of "discovery", here are the links I've been walking through today as I contrasted their work and studied the galleries where they have exhibited.

Eleanor Ettinger Gallery
Principle Gallery
Lee Hansley Gallery
Sullivan Goss Gallery

On each of these sites, you can scroll over each artist's name - even if you don't find Steve's or Rick's name in the lists - it's fun to look at the work of other artists who have shown at the same gallery. It's an endless web leading from artist to galleries, gallery to artists and so on. But, over time, I have seen some of my favorite artists pop up in different galleries around the globe and we have developed our knowledge as collectors.

Click on the "artist" links on each gallery website to see where the journey takes you.

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