New Painting - "The Social Lives of Eggs" Series

Personally, this is an exciting time for me as an emerging artist. So, it's a lot of fun to share new paintings with you. (Thanks for all of your encouraging e-mails and notes) Here is one of my favorite recent paintings of two ostrich eggs and a tiny sparrow's nest with a discarded feather. The enormous ostrich egg is juxtaposed with the tiny nest of a small bird. The Ostrich egg can’t possibly find a home in this delicate nest, gracefully perched atop an antique vase. Instead, the discarded downy feather reminds us of the ungrounded absurdity of comparing one life to another. I find sweet humor in this composition and hope you enjoy it as well. Over the weekend, I dropped it and other paintings off to be exhibited from April 29th - May 11th at the Burwood Morgan Mill, Boyce VA.

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