Is it Art or Garbage - Share your opinion

In a recent NPR article, Justin Gignac talks about the art of selling garbage along with another personal project making money to buy the things he wants by selling paintings of those items on his website . Read the NPR ARTICLE and post your response as a comment on this blog. What do you think? Is this art? Performance art? just garbage? a clever barter? or something else? You decide:

"People have this kind of preconceived notion of certain things and how much they should be, whether it's art or how much garbage shouldn't cost," he says. "I think it'd be great if we have a gallery show at some point to do like a 6-foot-by-8-foot painting of a taco and still charge $1.99 for it, because that's how much a taco costs."

(A painting of "Financial Security" is available for $1,000,000.)

Thank you to Walter Ratliff for this submission

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