Cast Drawing

I still enjoy the cast drawings and thought I'd share this one because it was one of my first complex cast drawings from the Winter Palace Studio and has a funny story. After working on it for what seemed like forever (9-11 hours), I told Natasha (the teacher) that it was like going to the gym and working out too hard on the first try only be too sore to work out again the next time" She seemed to think that was funny and told me that I should work one more day on it ... then if I wanted to "give up", she would give me another project. At the end of the day, the drawing was at the point you see here. Considering it was one of my first, I assumed it was as complete as it could be. She reluctantly agreed to start me on a "simpler" project drawing cloth. Well, as I worked on that cloth, the other students spent two more classes "finishing" their drawings of this cast and I saw how much more I could have done. It was a great psychological exercise; for that two week period I wanted dearly to improve enough to "return to the group" and was more faithful as a student after that.

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