Thank you !

Tonight's entry is a THANK YOU to all of the following artists, art managers and organizations for sharing your insights over the phone. These artists contributed ideas and opinions about how to manage art related events and fundraisers.

Jess Cohen (Photographer, scientist and founder of
Henry Wingate (Classical Realist):
Steven Heward (Plein Air Artist):
Jack Warden (Riverbend Artist in Residence):
Andy Higgins: (Reston / Herndon Realtor)
Armand Cabrera (Plein Air Artist):
Jonathon Linton (Classical Realist):
Nancy Wallace (Plein Air Artist):
Vicky Blum (Classical Realist):
Nancy Tankersley (Artist/Manager-Plein Air Easton):

Copley Society: Fresh Paint Auction
Juanita Avila: Local Artist
Andrew & Beth Miller (Designer & Writer):

Thank you also to the many art managers and artists who shared anonymous input about fundraising events for our area. Your websites are published here both for others to see now and to have them easily available when I tell people about you in the future.

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