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Art & Audiences - An interesting article

Art Festivals 2009

A Painting A Day - Porcelain Globe in Blue & White III

Daily Painting - Porcelain Globe in Blue & White III

A Painting A Day - Porcelain Globe

Study with Vicki Blum!

St. Nicolas Icon - Happy Christmas Eve

Margaret Bowland "Murakami Wedding"

Possible Change in Tax Law impacts artists

Yikes! - Charles Pfahl

TOP 5 Artist Blogs

Grapes & Pears

Jill Banks ... a new blog worth viewing

Gallery Styles

Plein Air in the Winter?

Etching & Sketching Suprises

"Walk-In Bloggers" whatever that is

Canyon Road - Santa Fe Vacation

Something to look forward to

Atelier Classes (Great Falls / Herndon / Reston )

Painting of the week

Detail of John in color

Portrait of John in Color - A La Prima

Cloth over a glass

After Sargent's Fume de Ambre Gris

Detail photos from study of "Fume de Ambre Gris"

Details from Study of "Fume De Ambre Gris" - Sargent

Sketches from Rob Liberace's Class

Lunch Bag Daily Artist

David Leffel Quote on Learning

Teaching Private Art Lessons

Mini Still Life: Cheese Board and Juicy, Sweet Red Bell Pepper

Transmitted light through transluscent globe

David A. Leffel Video(s)

Oil Sketch

Rob Liberace's Class

Fearless about the use of white

Decorating the House - John Singer Sargent's "Fume de Ambre Gris"

Adding Physical Texture to Oil Paintings

Gallery Talk: This Friday September 19th 7:30pm

L. Diane Johnson - QuickSketch Place Winner

A photo to remember: Competition Judging

Morgan Samuel Price: Quick Sketch Grand Prize Winner

Trisha Adams - Selling like hotcakes - as usual

Judges Pondering and Gallery Wandering

Denise Dumont - Prize Winning Artist

ArtSpace Grand Opening (Photos)